Paco is a super cute approximately 5 yr old 12 lb neutered Chihuahua Dachshund mix. He is extremely friendly and great with children, dogs, and all people.  He does fine with cats and currently lives in a foster home wit 2 but it takes him a while to get used to them. He is also great on a leash and loves going on walks, hikes, and even enjoys going camping! He just recently went on a camping trip with his foster family and had a blast! . He is just an all around sweet, friendly, and very happy dog that loves giving kisses, snuggling up next to his person, playing with his toys, going on car rides, getting attention, and basically any adventure you may have in store for him. 

Paco would do best in a home where he is given lots of attention and also a home with another dog or a child. He went from a hoarding situation ignored and heartworm positive to being healthy, spoiled and loved. He is now HW-, UTD on vaccines, fully vetted, and overall healthy and happy and ready for his forever home.

If you are interested in adopting Paco please fill out an adoption application for consideration.

*Paco is located in Richmond, VA.  



Louie is a 8lb scruffy senior  ((10+ yrs old) Norwich Terrier Chihuahua mix with adorable puppy energy. His tail wags a mile a minute when he gets play time and rubs. He is mostly blind, so it takes him some time to trust new people and new surroundings, but once he maps out a route in your home, his favorite thing will be to run laps around the house! He needs work with potty training, and would do best in a single level home. Once he gets used to a routine, he likes to keep it and will let you know if you are messing it up! He can get confused and scared out of the blue, and will sometimes nip when that happens. But once you get to know him, it is easy to spot the warning signs. He usually just needs to be reassured that he is safe, (and sometimes he's just "hangry"). He isn't comfortable up on the couch (yet), but his 2nd favorite thing to do is curl up on his bed by your feet. Mostly, Louie is just so happy to be alive and loved, and will hop up and down to let you know it. ?
Louie would do best in a home where someone is there most of the time and also patient and experienced with senior dogs and some of their quirks. Also no small kids since Louie sometimes will nip if startled. 
If you are interested in Louie please fill out a application for consideration

*Louie is located in Virginia
**Click on the Petfinder link below to view Louie's full profile, including more photos.



Gizzy is a super sweet and ever so gentle 10+yr old 28 lb Australian Cattle Dog Corgi mix. He unfortunately hasn’t had the best life up until now. He was a owner surrender but they originally wanted to euthanize him because they said he was old and they didn’t think anyone would want him. Well we knew that wasn’t true because we wanted him and we know that there are many selfless animal lovers out there who enjoy the endless love and calming energy a senior dog can provide.
Gizzy has since thrived in his foster home and he has really come out of his shell. He loves attention from his person also does great with cats, other dogs, as well as all people and children too. He is mostly potty trained but because of him being a senior he is not able to hold it for that long so he has to go out often or he will have an accident. Also he does not like being crated. He is a little slower because of his age but he still loves roaming the yard and laying in the sun.
Gizzy would do best in a home where someone is home a lot and can provide him the attention he desires. Also a single level home with very few stairs and a fenced in yard.
Gizzy also needs a foster!!!

*Gizzy is located in Charlottesville, VA 

**Click on the Petfinder link below to view Gizzy's full profile, including more photos.



Chico is a very handsome 6yr old 8lb rat terrier chihuahua mix. He can sometimes be a sweet boy but is very moody and will growl and can bite. Since he is a biter he needs an experienced owner and will only be adopted to a family who understands biters. Chico loves to play with his toys, run around with his doggy friends, and go on car rides. Chico is a very passionate and emotional dog with a huge personality.
Chico has had a rough life and can get a bit crabby. When this happens he will give a warning sign that he has had enough and if he is still pushed he will growl and may bite. He needs a experienced owner that can help him through this. 

*Chico is located in Virginia Beach, VA. 

**Click on the Petfinder link below to view Chico’s full profile, including more photos. 



Looking for a calm, loving, and experienced "Chihuahua whisperer" for Chewey, a super cute 12 lb neutered male Chihuahua mix. He is approximately 5 yrs old and super sweet however he has a stubborn side and sometimes reacts by growling and/or trying to bite... especially when he is resting and comfortable and you need him to move.  90% of the time he is an angel but 10% of the time he turns into a beast and is not for a inexperienced dog person or household. He needs someone that understands him and his boundaries. 
Chewey is great with other dogs and enjoys playing with them and also loves playing with his favorite toys.  He is also great with a majority of people, he doesn't like some men, and has no problem with children although we will only allow him to go into a adult only home or one with dog experienced older children.

Chewey is also UTD on vaccines, heartworm negative and on monthly preventative, neutered and healthy but does have allergies which requires him to see the vet regularly to get a shot to control them. He also has had reacquiring untreated ear infections before we rescued him so this led to growths in both ear canals that we had to have surgically removed.  that helped a lot however he is, and always will be, prone to ear infections most likely due to his allergies so that is something that will always need to be monitored.

Chewey has had a horrible and painful past, due to raging ear infections, but he is super special and just like every other animal he deserves his perfect person and happily ever after.  If you think you could be that perfect special person for him please fill out a adoption application for consideration.

*Chewey is located in Virginia Beach VA


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