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An adoption love story co-written with Bonzai Paige and his proud mom

On March 12, 2019 Bonzai 40833928 was rescued by Cubby’s Crusade, Inc. in partnership with Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue, our partner rescue, from Arlington Animal Services in Texas. He was rescue only due to being scared with hackles up and running to a corner where he’d cower. He had clearly led a rough life. He was urgent for that day at that high-kill shelter and had zero interest. Except us!
He was a special save for Sven’s birthday. Another special dog who is the reason I rescue. I usually do something special for shelter animals but that year chose to save one in his honor. There was something special about Bonzai and there was no doubt he was the one.
One of our excellent fosters said yes and drove straight there to get him. He left the shelter and jumped right behind the wheel! “Step on it! Jailbreak!” He stayed in foster there but it was clear he needed another foster and to come here. He’s a bit of a wild man.
On June 11, 2019 we scored a Pilots N Paws flight for him on his very own plane! So his foster drove him all the way to Austin to meet the pilot then Bonzai boarded for his super fun flight to Raleigh, North Carolina where I met him on the runway as they landed. I couldn’t get my full shift covered so we drove back to Charlottesville and caught the second half of my work shift and he helped me deliver pizza that night! He was so great at it that it would be the first of many for him!
The plan was for him to go to our foster here but right then her dog had to be rushed to the vet with an emergency so we held off. Soon I’d be telling her he stays in foster here. Bonzai fit in great here and he helped out with meet and greets for the others and helped with delivering pizza. He really enjoyed helping and he did so great with it that it became his “job”.
Bonzai quickly became my best friend, rescue partner and right hand man. I was gone for 2 days on transport and he greeted me like I’d been off at war for years. He is funny, hard working and absolutely perfect! He has a lot of fun quirks that just make him so fun and special and absolutely hilarious. He throws major temper tantrums when he does not get his way. When he’s excited he makes such a weird face that we question if he’s a gremlin. He falls asleep “sucking his thumb”. It’s calming to him to chomp on his one foot and especially does it when he’s overly tired, similar to thumb sucking. He loves massages by the fire. Those are his favorite and he runs right over for them when the fire is just right. He helps us get ready for work by packing our lunchbox.
He had a ton of applications but only a handful were a match enough for a meet and greet. Either his wild side was too much for them or he flat out turned them down. On every meet and greet for him and for others he would scope out the whole house and find ANY crumbs left behind unknown under couches. He also tested their reactions to allowing dogs on furniture when he’d boldly jump right up on the back cushion and check out the neighborhood through the window. He also decided when it’s time’s up and time to leave and would make it very clear to me. Bonzai had one meet and greet though that went super well and we were sure it was a match. It was close to Christmas and I wanted Bonzai here for Christmas so we set it up for a few days after and Santa brought his gifts here. On January 13, 2020 I picked Bonzai up from his foster to adopt. It just wasn’t a match. So they ended up adopting Vlad, who IS a perfect match and Bonzai came home to massages by the fire. That moment I picked him up I was sad for him but selfishly happy for me. He saw me and came running to me and jumped right in my arms covering me with kisses and the best hug ever. It turns out he had missed me as much as I had missed him and we were both so gloriously happy and excited.
Bonzai has accumulated a large fan base! He ran for the rescues to support a fellow rescue and WON! He has made the cover of Angry Chihuahua Lovers TWICE now!
I went through some tragedy on the home front which I won’t get into but Bonzai was my rock and stayed right by my side the whole time. In fact he saved my life. On March 30 I told my rescue partners/best friends that Bonzai should never leave and that I’m going to adopt Bonzai when this is all done. It’s clear he’s BEEN home. Which I suppose is why the dog with the most adoption inquiries never got adopted. Because this is his home and family. We had a huge adoption party and went to PetSmart for an adoption celebration shopping spree. He picked out a toy for our partner Kari! She had just saved a lizard and he himself pulled out a green lizard toy so we tossed  that in his cart too. That’s what a great and selfless boy he is! We then went and delivered pizza because he loves it, especially all the attention he got from his staff for his official adoption.
We saved Bonzai but this boy saved me too. He makes my world amazing. I love you, Bonzai and we’re so happy you’re home! Thank you for choosing us!

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